Originally NECRA organised interclub yacht racing, oversaw a NECRA rating rule and set safety standards for NECRA racing (and by default, influenced club safety standards). In 2001 NECRA underwent a major re-organisation as it was becomming clear that the remit of the NECRA committee was too large and difuse for it to function effectively. The Necra ratings sub-committee became a separate independent body, North East Racing Rule (NERR), with its own club representatives dedicated to maintaining and developing a rating rule for use by NECRA and all NE yacht clubs.

In 2002 the NECRA committee also decided that a separate safety organisation, North East Sailing Safety (NESS) with similar organisation to NERR was equally appropriate. Thus both NESS and NERR were born.

NERR, now independent of NECRA, maintain and develop the NERR formula which is used to provide ratings for all of the local yachts. It has its own committee consisting of measurers from the associated clubs, toghether with a chairman and a handicapper. Recently it designed a website in order to directly provide owners with details of boats and ratings.

The NERR Website can be found by following the link below.